AWS AR and VR Services

The world of AR and VR has seen a rapid growth in the past recent years and expectations from the coming few years are much higher. With their adoption in major industries such as medical as well as in common day to day activities, their demand and the usage has increased many folds. These technologies are strongly moving towards mainstream adoption with their high potential use cases and cost effectiveness.


AWS was never out of the race in the AR and VR world with their latest upto date platforms and technologies. WIth the launch of their own web based platform, AMAZON SUMERIAN, which lets users easily design and deploy augmented reality , 3D and Virtual reality applications without any need for past programming or graphical skills.
Amazon Sumerian has given developors an easily accessible platform to help develop their own 3D, AR, VR environments and populate them with animated and 3D objects which interacts on the basis of user’s own scripts. Its compatibility to run on all browsers supporting WebGL and WebVR for example Daydream, Oculus Rift, iOS mobile devices makes ot more accesible to the end users. The fact that there is no upfront costs or any need for any software installations, just a log-in is required on AWS servers to access the features and only storage costs are there makes it much more user friendly in turn making mainstream adoption fast.


The partnership between Nvidia and AWS to bring the future CloudXR Streaming, which is a combination of AR, VR and Mixed Reality, to the cloud is a major milestone in the world of AR and VR. This alliance will enable cloud users to stream high quality experiences to AR and VR devices eradicating the needs for expensive workstations and external tracking systems. Companies like lucid Air and The Gettys Group are few of the early adopters of CloudXR platform which is helping them in cutting down infrastructural and processing costs. All in All, with the CloudXR platform running on Amazon EC2 supporting NVIDIA T4 and V100 GPUs, companies can deliver high-quality virtual experiences to any user, anywhere in the world.


With the big Companies like Amazon backing and producing technologies for the already growing AR, VR world, in no time we all are going to witness major mainstream adoption of these technologies. The use cases of these technologies are not hidden from the world now and we are aware of their potential. Already, companies like Amazon have recognized the potential and are working towards making them more user friendly and accesible. Still, a lot of work needs to be done and hopefully, other major companies follows the footsteps of AWS, dive into and give inputs to this high potential world of AR and VR.