Internet transformed our lives when Web2 was first introduced in 2004. It totally re-shaped the way people interacted with each other. The whole perspective towards the technology of internet changed as web2 created a huge interest towards the internet across all nations which drove a large and fresh user base…

Face Recognition model using Local Binary
pattern(LBP) Algorithm.
a) Serial Implementation b) Parallel Implementation using OpenMP( with HPC ).
Comparison of Both Models and proving which one is faster.

Training Step : For each image in the dataset, the following steps are applied:
▹ I used each 3 x 3…

The world of AR and VR has seen a rapid growth in the past recent years and expectations from the coming few years are much higher. With their adoption in major industries such as medical as well as in common day to day activities, their demand and the usage has…

Anish Kapoor

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